Consulting Services

Al momento, poiché la dipendenza sessuale non è nella lista dei disturbi mentali, non ci sono modi adeguati per sbarazzarsi di esso. Ci sono tentativi di curarlo per isolamento dal mondo e della fonte di vizio, come nel caso dell’alcolismo o della tossicodipendenza, ma ciò non fornisce web significativi. È utile consultare un sessuatologo per realizzare il problema e le sfumature della tua sessualità e portarli in linea con valori e desideri normali. Astinenza, cioè, un divieto completo “futuro”, improduttivo, ma la ricerca di un’altra uscita per l’energia sessuale può essere incoronata con successo.

We will deliver together whether it’s new technology, shifting customer demand, industry disruption. Business moves fast, and we specialize in working through change with you.

Information is the basis of all strategy. It inspires executives to make effective decisions and build powerful systems to support their goals, based on a better understanding of the problem. Key decisions are made by having an in-depth look at complete data sets, available options, and utilizing current decision-making tools and techniques. In gathering critical information, GSC begins with in-house research and depending on corporate client’s need an external market research.

Market Research Services

GSC offers full market research services across business sectors that are delivered either as a full package or in component parts and are customized to each client-specific need. By using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we provide consultancy in various forms and at various stages, from early brainstorming to mature brand development.

Our research unit uses several research methodologies including telephone and/or face-to-face in-depth interviews with experts, along with fieldwork research approaches. Depending on the client, GSC interviews key decision makers, runs brand sessions with staff, and interviews end customers/affiliates, utilizing internet and email research as well as directly tapping into a strong database that includes a multitude of market segments.

Strategic Consulting

GSC identifies objectives and goals of clients while bearing in mind the environment in which the client operates

Strategic Planning

GSC formulates the blueprints for the course of action required to achieve desired goals. This involves enhancing client image and reputation by formulating compelling and credible messages and ensuring their effective delivery to the desired audience